PyQt v4.7 Released

14 January 2010

PyQt v4.7 has been released. The highlights of this release include full support for Qt v4.6, automatically generated docstrings for all callables that describe the valid Python signatures, and support for keywords for all optional arguments.

  • Qt v4.6 is fully supported.
  • Added the QtMultimedia module.
  • Added keyword support for optional arguments.
  • Added docstrings for all classes, functions and methods that describe the Python signatures of all callables.
  • Any Python object that can be pickled can now be automatically written to and read from QSettings.
  • A QHostAddress.SpecialAddress can be used whenever a QHostAddress is expected.
  • Added the optional initialFilter argument to the QFileDialog.get*AndFilter() functions.
  • Added the readInt(), readQString(), readQStringList(), readQVariant(), writeInt(), writeQString(), writeQStringList() and writeQVariant() methods to QDataStream.
  • Added widgetPluginPath to the uic module to specify the directories that are searched for widget plugins.
  • Added the,,,,,, and examples.
  • Significantly reduced the size of the modules on Linux and MacOS/X.
  • Added support for configuring and building outside of the source tree (for standard builds).