PyQt v4.8 Released

22 October 2010

PyQt v4.8 has been released. The highlight of this release is full support for Qt v4.7.

  • Added support for Qt v4.7 including the new QtDeclarative module.
  • pyqtProperty() can now be used as a method decorator in the same way that the standard Python property type can be used.
  • Added the notify argument to pyqtProperty().
  • Unbound signals can now be subscripted in the same way that bound signals can.
  • Added the missing << operator to QPolygon, QPolygonF and QXmlStreamAttributes.
  • PyQt will now automatically keep a reference to objects set with some sort of setter method when Qt expects the underlying C++ instance to stay valid but does not take ownership of it.
  • Added the and examples from Hans-Peter Jansen.
  • Added the --assume-shared option to
  • The QtAssistant module is no longer built with Qt v4.7 and later.