PyQt v4.8.4 Released

2 May 2011

PyQt v4.8.4 has been released. This adds support for Qt v4.7.2 and a number of functional enhancements.

  • Added support for Qt v4.7.2.
  • QObject.findChild() and QObject.findChildren() now allow a tuple of type objects as well as a single type argument so that children of a number of types may be found.
  • Added support for QCommonStyle.
  • Added limited support for setEventFilter() and filterEvent() to QAbstractEventDispatcher.
  • Added support for setAttributeArray() to QGLShaderProgram.
  • pyrcc4 will now compress by default to match the behaviour of rcc.
  • Removed QTouchEventSequence as its C++ API makes it impossible to be used from Python.