SIP v4.10 Released

14 January 2010

SIP v4.10 has been released. The highlights of this release include support for explicit and automatically generated docstrings, support for keyword arguments, and greatly improved exceptions when calling a method with incorrect argument types.

  • Added the sip.voidptr.ascapsule() method.
  • Added the -P command line option to build modules with "protected" redefined to "public" if supported by the platform. This can result in significantly smaller modules.
  • Added the -o command line option to automatically generate docstrings.
  • Added the -k command line option and /KeywordArgs/ and /NoKeywordArgs/ function annotations to support keyword arguments.
  • Added the /Default/ exception annotation.
  • Added the /DocType/ argument, function, mapped type and variable annotations.
  • Added the /DocValue/ argument annotation.
  • Added the %Docstring directive to specify explicit docstrings for classes, functions and methods.
  • Added sipError to %MethodCode to allow user errors to be distinguished from interpreter errors.
  • Added sipBadCallableArg() to the C API.
  • Added support for configuring and building outside of the source tree.