[Eric] A couple of RFEs

Caleb J. Howard calebh at adelphia.net
Sat Dec 9 20:29:44 GMT 2006

(RFE=Request For Enhancement) Eric4 snapshot 20061112

Hi again!  A couple of things which may reflect more my ignorance than 
something missing from Eric4:

1)  It would be nice in the abundant preferences if there were a place 
to set default paths to my source tree, so that when I click "Open 
Project", I wouldn't need to navigate from my home dir down to my source 

2)  It would also be nice if, upon opening a project, the editor states 
were the same as they were when I closed Eric4.  I have five files 
opened in my current project, for example, and it would be great, when I 
started Eric4 and opened that project, if those five files were to 
reopen the way I left them.

3)  (this may reflect the same request as Andreas Pakulat made - #2) I'd 
also like to place individual tools (single icons) as well, perhaps, as 
the banks of tool icons that I can currently place.  I would place open 
project, save project, open file, save file, and print in a toolbar, but 
leave quit in the menu, if I had the option, for example.

...and again... Thanks for an outstanding product.  I am most grateful!



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