[Eric] ANN: First public snapshot of eric4 available

Brice LEROY brice at open-commerce.org
Sun Sep 24 10:27:54 BST 2006

Excellent !
  So, I'm working on some english translations to french. If you want me to 
translate some documentations, there's no problem, I will be happy to help in 
this way.


Le Samedi 23 Septembre 2006 16:42, Detlev Offenbach a écrit :
> Hi eric fans,
> I just wanted to infor all of about the first public snapshot of eric4.
> This is the PyQt4 port of the well known eric IDE. Please be aware, that
> you have to have Qt4 and the latest snapshots of sip, PyQt4 and QScintilla
> installed. If you find bugs (and I am sure there are plenty of them) please
> send a bug report or patches to the eric4 bug email address (see the README
> file or use the built in dialog).
> The snapshot is available at
> http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/snapshots4
> Regards,
> Detlev

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