[Eric] using plugin system to get more keyboard shorcuts

Evren Esat Özkan sleytr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 21:33:12 GMT 2007


I'm happy with eric in general. But I realy miss keyboard shortcuts for  
some actions.

I know eric is in feature freeze now. So, I want to add keybindings for;
- One key  "display/activate <-> hide/return to editor" for all sidebars.  
(projectviewer, templates,shell etc..)
-  file / package / project commiting to vcs.
- show next/previous tab equivalents for listspace mode.
- inline template calling (selecting template name from popup)

I didn't code anything in qt before. (but relaxed with wxpython ;) Is  
there any example of how to call an action and bind it to the keyboard  
shortcuts list.
What is the right start point for such a  basic plugin -and qt newbie-.

and happy brand new year to all...

Evren Esat Özkan

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