[Eric] Project 'templates'

Steve Hindle steve at csquaredtech.com
Wed Jul 11 23:07:54 BST 2007


Hi All,

  I'm just getting started with Eric (v4 snapshot).  I really miss 'template' project support - a facility that creates a new project 'skeleton' by creating a directory with common files and directories.  I've found 3 ways that I might be able to do this in eric - scripts, plugins, and wizards.   Would one approach be more appropriate then another?  Wizards seem like a good fit, but are more complicated to create then 'scripts'.

  Has anyone implemented functionality like this already?  If not, can someone give me some pointers about the 'best' way to do this in eric ? Oh! and is there a 'plugin' repository somewhere for 3rd party plugins ?

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