[Eric] plugins

Jürgen Urner jUrner at arcor.de
Sat Jul 14 14:25:54 BST 2007

Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> On Sonntag, 8. Juli 2007, Jürgen Urner wrote:
>> Currently from a package zip everything is dumped to eric4plugins.
>> On uninstall, only the plugin file is removed.
>> Would be nice if plugins could be packages, and maybe a force check on
>> install
>> that a plugin consists only of one package or one script to enshure propper
>> removal.
>> Jürgen
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> plugin package files should have one file in the top directory, which is the 
> plugin script and one package (directory), that contains als the files. The 
> plugin script should contain a module attribute "packageName" that contains 
> the name of the package as a string. If the uninstall routine doesn't find 
> this attribute, it will give an error message. Maybe this precondition should 
> be checked at installation time.

That would be Eric extracts "packageName" only. What about other files 
(dirs) present in
a plugin zip? And what happens if a plugin accidently overwrites another 
packages content?
Wouldn't plugin handling be easier if plugins were only allowed to be 
one single files or one
single package?

Another thing ...maybe I've overlooked something ...but a notification 
on unistall plugin
would be nice to do cleanups.


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