[Eric] Problems After libqt4 Update

Роман Бріскін uporiadnyk at pysar.net
Sat Jul 21 03:51:42 BST 2007


I have recently updated libqt4 from 4.3.0-2ubuntu1~feisty1 to 4.3.0-4ubuntu1~feisty1. After this update, I started 
getting the following warning when launching Eric4.

QObject::connect: Connecting from COMPAT signal (QTcpSocket::connectionClosed())

File-browser is no longer available. Its option is grayed out. I don't know if the following is significant but Eric 
also lost all toolbar customizations.

Does anybody know what's wrong and if it's possible to fix this? I tried recompiling and reinstalling QScintilla and 
reinstalling Eric as well but it didn't help.

Thanks in advance!


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