[Eric] Getting Started with Eric 4 on Windows

Kilgore Trout python at kilgore.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 25 16:04:55 BST 2007

I have just downloaded and installed PyQt-Py2.5-4.3.0-b1.exe and I already have
Python 2.5.1 installed. I am an experienced programmer but a complete noob to

Is there a FAQ on how to get started somewhere? I looked in the obvious places
but couldn't see anything.

The particular problem I have is that eric4 does not seem to run. I assume the
file I need to run is eric4.pyw and I should run this with pythonw, but
double-clicking on the file or typing "pythonw eric4.pyw" does nothing: I press
return and get another command prompt with no messages.

Any help greatfully received.


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