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in Windows i had the same problem and i solve it by creating a directory
named "bin" inside Python's one.
ex. c:\Python25\Bin

and puting there these 3 files, designer.exe, Linguist.exe and assistant.exe
Eric4 now can find them!


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I am running ERIC on a Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Version Numbers:
Python 2.5.1
Qt 4.3.1
PyQt4 4.3
sip 4.7
QScintilla 2.1
Eric4 4.0.1
Bicycle Repair Man CVS-20041120

When I try to open Designer I get the error message

Could not start Qt-Designer.
Ensure that it is available as bin/designer.

I get the same thing if I try to start Linguist.

I imagine that this is a configuration issue. But I really don't know where
to look to fix it.

Qt-Designer and Linguist are in


Any thoughts on this?

A Campbell
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