[Eric] About Rope AutoCompletion

Ali Gholami Rudi aligrudi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 14:25:17 BST 2008

On Apr 08 2008 14:31 +0430, objectref wrote:
> Hi,
> Latest Eric snapshot states that ?snapshot-20080406 of the rope refactoring
> plugin released. It is an update to rope 0.8.0 and adds an alternative
> autocompletion provider for Python. ?

As far as I know it contains rope 0.8.  Rope is mainly a refactoring
library and for this purpose it gathers good object information for
refactorings to work reasonably.  But this information can be used for
auto-completion, too; it contains `rope.contrib.codeassist` module to
provide auto-completion and a few other commands.  This plug-in uses
this module to use rope's auto-completion.

> Does that mean that I can use an alternative autocompletion mechanism in Eric 
> ? I saw that I can select it from Settings/Refactoring (Rope)/Enable
> Autocompletion. What are the main differences from Eric default autocompletion
> mechanism at this time ?

I don't know how the default auto-completion works.  Rope tries to
infer the object variables hold by analyzing the source-code.


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