[Eric] Two question about eric 4.1.0

Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Fri Feb 8 15:53:10 GMT 2008

On Freitag, 8. Februar 2008, Gianluca wrote:
> Hello
> I am starting to work with eric4 (Ver 4.1.0) and right now I have 3 main
> problems:
> 1) when I open a project, in the project viewer I can see a list of all
> the files, each one with the function, classes and so on. It is possible
> to have a window with this function list also for a single python file,
> without all the project stuff ?

The file browser has the same functionality (to show the structure of a single 
Python,Ruby or IDL file).

> 2) how I can permanently disable a toolbar ? Normally I don't need all
> of them, but also if I hide some of them, on the next time I get all of
> them back. I must create a session for the project or a new profile ?

Step 1: configure your toolbars for the edit view.
Step 2: switch to the debug view and do the same.
Step 3: switch back to edit view and start working.

Eric should save the toolbar settings (hidden/shown and position) when it is 
exiting. All the info is saved in the eric4 settings (on Linux in 

> 3) this seems to be a bug: when I select to show the identation guides
> and select to use a monospaced font as default, I have 2 different results:
>     - under windows (xp) the identation became wrong, since the
> identation guides is aligned one charater after
>       the tab (ie: I have 4 as tab space and the identation guides show
> 5 space identation)
>     - under linux the identation guides is not shown.

This could be related to a QScintilla2 bug, that was fixed by Phil recently.

> Any idea ?
> Thanks
> bye
> Gianluca
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