[Eric] eric4 and Turkish locale

Onur Küçük onur at pardus.org.tr
Thu Jul 3 12:32:06 BST 2008

> That could be a problem of the turkish translation.

 Actually I have not installed the Turkish translation files (by hand or 
install-i18n.py), and all the GUI is in English

> Please try to start the configuration dialog (standalone version, 
>eric4-configure), and select the
> English interface. Try to start eric4. If that doesn't work, go to
> ~/.config/Eric4 and delete eric4.ini and repeat the above steps. Once the
> IDE starts, load the default keyboard shortcuts (default.e4k). Thereafter
> please try to switch back toTurkish interface and report your result.

 started eric4-configure , choosed English, started eric4 and the problem does 
not occur. Loaded default keyboard shortcuts, everything is working fine 
again. In the settings dialog I have chosen the language back to Turkish, and 
it is working fine again. I closed eric4, started again, and the problem [1] 
came back.

 If it helps, I am using

 PyQt 3.17.4
 PyKDE 3.16.1
 Qt4  4.4.0
 Python 2.5.2
 Qscintilla2 2.2

[1] QAction::eventFilter: Ambiguous shortcut overload: Enter

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