[Eric] Have installed RopeRefactoringPlugin - how to enable Refactor menu?

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 15 11:18:55 GMT 2009

In the eric4 Plugins menu I downloaded the Refactoring Rope Plugin 1.1.4
but I have been unable to discover how to access the Refactor menu options.
No matter what I have tried so far, the menu remains inactive and grey.

Is there some undocumented configuration step that I have probably missed?

I'm working on Lunar Linux, which is a source based distro, and have just
downloaded and built from the eric-4.3.0 sources. I also have qt-4.4.3,
PyQt-4.4.4, Qscintilla-gpl-2.3.2 and Python-2.6.1. I have also checked back
through the past few months of the mail archives but did not see anyone
with similar problems.


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