[Eric] eric 4.4.4a does not run on XP

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri May 21 18:06:16 BST 2010

Karl Broich wrote:
> Hello,
> I used eric3 on SuSe. It really boosted my software skills - thanks to
> Detlev. 
> Now I intend to use it cross platform. I installed eric4.4.a
> on XP -without success. 
> Symptom:
> - The "welcome-eric" does not appear.
> - There are no icons.
> - Ini-Files, such as project-file cannot be read
> Solution:
> - no solution found for eric4.4.4a
> - eric4.4.3 works without problems
> Karl

Try running eric from a windows command prompt, so that the error
messages if any are still on screen. Note there should also be an error
log in the eric install folder.

Did you install eric with python install.py or did you just copy the
files onto the computer?

I also assume you installed PyQt first?


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