[Eric] How do I get the images to show up in Qt deisgner

Patrick Moran pmoran at aptect.com
Thu May 27 20:11:14 BST 2010

This is strange.


I have Eric4 4.4.4a installed and when running Qt Designer 4.5.2 I cant get
a GIF image to load into the image of a  stylesheet on a widget. 

The background image loads OK but not an image.


This doesn't work:

image: url(:/images/logo.gif);


But this does:

background-image: url(:/images/logo.gif);


When I run Qt from the standalone application (Qt Designer  4.6.2) it loads
the same form the right way.


How do I switch Eric4 to use the new version of Qt? Is this the issue or is
there some other switch to set?


Thanks in advance,



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