[Eric] More cxfreeze plugin woes

Tomas Sobota tom at sobota.net
Sun Apr 24 10:31:03 BST 2011

I finally got to install (thanks, Tobias!) and make work the cxfreeze plugin
for Eric5. But it is not straightforward on Windows.

First, I installed everything on a 64 bit Win 7. In this environment,
cxfreeze installs a bat file called cxfreeze.bat in the Python Scripts
folder, which in a standard installation of the latest Python 3 is at

However, in the cxfreeze.bat file Python 3 gets called like
"C:\Python32-64\Python32-64.exe", so it is never found. This problem is
attributable to the cxfreeze installation and not to the plugin, naturally.

So I changed the cxfreeze.bat so that it points to C:\Python32\Python.exe.
But the plugin still would not work, with a diagnostic that "the cxfreeze
executable was not found". Looking at the plugin sources I noticed that it
is looking for cxfreeze.bat in the path. The problem with this approach in a
Windows installation is that the Python scripts folder never gets appended
to the path during Python installation. Once I appended the scripts folder
to the path manually, the plugin works correctly.

In a 32 bit Win 7 installation, the cxfreeze.bat file correctly points to
C:\Python32\Python.exe, so it doesn't need to be edited. But the path
problem is the same as above.

I guess that on a Linux or Unix box all these problems don't arise. Later I
will install Python32/PyQt/Eric5/cxfreeze in my FreeBSD box and verify what
happens in that environment.

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