[Eric] Minor Annoyance Updating Eric (Detlev Offenbach)

Jonathan Harper jon at white-walls.net
Sun Dec 25 19:28:21 GMT 2011

>> Hi,
>> Love using Eric IDE but I do have one persistent annoyance with it.
>> That is that it has no default Icon on my windows desktop, fair enough
>> it is cross platform, so I just convert the
>> %SystemDrive%\Python26\Lib\site-packages\eric4\icons\default\eric.png to
>> either .ico or .bmp format in the same location - the minor annoyance is
>> that every time that I upgrade Eric this file is deleted, I know that I
>> could put it somewhere else but that just adds complications.
>Why don't you use one of the *.ico files in ...\pixmaps?
I actually ran into this awhile ago and created my own .ico file that I use
now. I did a little Photoshop work to make it more appealing than the
included files. I just posted it here:
http://www.white-walls.net/jharper/images/ericicon.ico for anyone

Jonathan Harper

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