[Eric] ANN: New eric 4.5 snapshot released

Geert Vancompernolle geert.eric4 at gmail.com
Sun May 8 10:40:32 BST 2011

On 1/05/2011 13:07, detlev wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to inform all of you about the immediate availability of a new eric
> 4.5 snapshot. It fixes a few bugs and adds these new features.
> - added support for additional configurable file filters
> - added display of suppressed client termination messages
> - made the toolbars of the initial layout more minimalistic
> - merged "Save to Project" into "Save" and "Save As...".
> - added a diff context menu entry to the subversion status dialogs
> - added functionality to restore missing files and directories to
>    the subversion status dialogs
> - added functionality to the subversion status dialogs to make them
>    more generalized commit dialogs
> - added the capability to filter on status to the subversion status dialogs
> - changed syntax check to report error position within the line
> - added capability to filter out unwanted items in the file browsers
>    (s. config dialog, interface page)
> - added configuration options for visible whitespace (as of QScintilla 2.5)
> - added support for new lexer properties (as of QScintilla 2.5)
> - enhanced error reporting in case the debugger backend cannot be started
> - added support for the Matlab and Octave lexers for QScintilla>= 2.5.1
> - enhanced the autocompletion of templates to observe the language of the
>    current file
> It is available via
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/eric-ide/files/eric4/unstable/4.5-20110501
> Regards
> Detlev
After I installed this snapshot, I didn't see my project viewer any 
more.  How can I get this one back?

Best rgds,


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