[Eric] PyQt onto Mac platform, how-to

Pietro Moras studio-pm at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 09:23:58 BST 2011

I'd appreciate to hear of a positive hands-on experience about how to get and setup a PyQt (4), Python 2.x Qt GUI library toolkit, into the Mac OS X platform. I'm planning to extend (next 2012) part of the “free” (in all senses) fraction of my activity into that environment, provided I can rely upon sufficient friendly support to “break the ice”, so to speak.
In particular, I heard that a good place where to get PyQt (4) is the MacPorts.org, but, visiting that web site, I got confused, and couldn't see what to actually & precisely do for the stated aim. Friendly support is welcome. Thanks.
See you.
 - P.M.
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