[Eric] My UI's now in Czech!

Mitch Davis mjd+eric at afork.com
Fri Jan 6 06:12:06 GMT 2012

Hello there,

I'm a happy Eric user (eric 4.4.14 r4014 under Fedora 16).  Today I
rebooted my PC, and the user interface now comes up in the Czech
language!  Here's a picture, showing my locale settings, as well as
the Czech result:


Normally my locale is en_AU.UTF-8 (and eric has worked fine with
that), but now even setting LANG=C doesn't help.

I've also tried removing ~/.eric4, with no luck - eric still comes up in Czech.

(I have no idea why it should be Czech - the only language I use on
this computer besides English is Chinese)

Any ideas on how to de-Czech my eric?



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