[PyKDE] type for SIGNAL("textChanged(?)")

Boudewijn Rempt boud at rempt.xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 16 08:23:11 GMT 1999

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, David Eller wrote:

> Hello,
> I am wondering what type I need for the textChanged signal of QLineEdit
> (or KLined). I have tried all from ['String', 'string', 'const char',
> 'const char*'], none working. Qt doc says it's 'const char*', but this
> looks certainly un-python-ish. I get a RuntimeError stating 'wrong types
> for slot'.
> That's strange, because my slot function can handle strings.

I'm always stuck with this too - the best thing is too keep the
sip specification files handy, and cut and paste it from that
declaration. Even spaces are significant, because the whole bit
between brackets is used to find the relevant signal.

Your bit would be:

  void textChanged(const char *);

so, you should hook it up like

QObject.connect(myLineEdit,SIGNAL("textChanged(const char *)"),pyFunction)

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