[PyKDE] nubie, KDE versus Qt alone?

John Mudd johnmudd at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 20 22:11:15 GMT 1999

I've used Python and really like it.  Now I'm looking to add GUI to
some utilities.  First I considered Tk but now it sounds like Qt is
much better.  Great, but here are my questions:

I also hear mostly about people using KDE.  And KDE is something like a
replacement for Motif and competition for other full blown windowing
systems (e.g. MS Windows), right?  KDE apps are better that just GUI
versions of programs because they share an environment and so
comunicate and share objects well, right?

Can I avoid KDE and just use Qt if (1) I don't run KDE on my UNIX
machines and (2) therefore have no other KDE apps to communicate with? 
I'm currently not interested in sharing object with spreadsheets, etc. 
I just want to get something up and running fast.

Does Qt (and therefore KDE) run on top of X or does is it a replacement
for X?

Well, that's a start.
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