[PyKDE] unimplemented objects

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 01:37:35 GMT 1999

Reiner Wiechert wrote:
> > > 2. kapp.appHelpActivated
> > In KDE v1.1.2 this is a private slot.  Are you using a later snapshot?
> No, I'm using 1.1.2 too. This is what KDevelop 1.0beta2 is producing:
>   toolBar()->insertButton(Icon("help.xpm"), ID_HELP_CONTENTS, SIGNAL(clicked() ),
>                   kapp, SLOT( appHelpActivated() ), true,i18n("Help"));

First, I've never written a C++ program in my life (I only write C
programs that write C++ programs).  Given my limited understanding, I
don't know how this code compiles.

> So how do I start the Helpviewer, which pops up by pressing F1 or
> choosing Help/Contents, with a toolbar icon? I want to avoid direct
> access to the Help menu, because it's automagically generated by:
>         self.help_menu = kapp.getHelpMenu(true, aboutstring )

Sorry, don't know. I've only ever translated the kmyapp example which
uses getHelpMenu().

> But that leads to another problem: In my KDE documentation "Generated
> on Sat Nov 20 03:52:43 1999" there's no KApplication::getHelpMenu at
> all, but a KTMainWindow::helpMenu method. It seems to be pretty
> difficult to keep up with the KDE pace...

Any documentation you download relates to the current snapshot. The
documentation I have includes getHelpMenu() but I know it is later than
KDE 1.1.2. Trust the header files, don't trust the documentation.

...I just wish there was better communication from the KDE developers
about API changes.


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