[PyKDE] PyQt for Qt2?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 15:55:28 BST 1999

Marco Bubke wrote:
> Hi
> Somebody know how far away PyQt for Qt 2 is?
> Marco

The current plan is to release v0.10 in about 4 weeks. This won't have
much extra functionality and will still be Qt v1.x - the main difference
will be that the code will compile under Windows & NT. This may sound an
odd thing to do, but the changes to SIP for NT are a sub-set of the
changes needed for Qt v2 - so it's a useful stepping stone for me.

Soon after that I will release v0.11pre1 which will contain the minimum
changes needed to compile under Qt v2. I'll then add more v2 support in
a series of pre releases. At some point I'll then release v0.11 proper -
but I don't know when.

I will announce any pre releases in this mailing list.


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