[PyKDE] examples/application.py segfaults

Marco Bubke bubke at prinz-atm.CS.Uni-Magdeburg.De
Sun Oct 3 15:15:09 BST 1999

On 03-Oct-99 Phil Thompson wrote:
> Marco Bubke wrote:
>> Mmhh. I have the problem down triggered to QPixmap. It's definitly a problem
>> to
>> use a XPM as a string. If I use it as file it runs perfectly. Then I noticed
>> a
>> Problem with QmessageBox. There is no message methode. Maybe a bug. I
>> haven't
>> the Problem with the original application in C++.
>> Marco
> Try the attached patch.

Thanks. That is the fastest reaction I have ever gotten!

And yes, it works now wonderful. :-)

> Don't worry about the QMessageBox.message() being missing. It is marked
> in the Qt sources as being obsolete so I never implemented it. It should
> me replaced by a call to QMessageBox.information().

Yes, I have change it like the kdraw.py where I have added double buffering.


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