[PyKDE] Open Parts dead?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 21:10:44 BST 1999

Marco Bubke wrote:
> Hi
> Have someone read the thread on the new component model Canossa? Would that
> mean what I can't use this components with Python? This sounds very sad. It
> sounds that KDE will go in a much more proprietare ways than Gnome does.
> First they need something for some apps, than the extend it for other apps and
> at the end we get some crap like X11 (ok, its ages, but OpenGl/IrisGl is too and
> haven't this limitations)so it have so many limitations that you must do
> something completly new. Why not do it at the beginning right? Why the people
> thinking that we will don't need something in the future if we don't need it
> now? Why the must play in his own sandbox and let the other outdoors? Why not
> work together? Ok, enouth "Why's". But this will not boost the application
> devolopment under Linux/Unix.
> Marco

If there is a C++ interface then Python bindings can be created easily
enough - but I don't see much point in starting yet until the target
stops moving.


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