[PyKDE] PyQt binary builds available

Rob Cecil rceci at master.adams.com
Thu Oct 14 22:51:08 BST 1999


I have the following binaries for PyQt 0.9 available.  Perhaps Phil can offer a place to
hold these for downloads:

- irix6.2/6.4, built as o32 (-32), -mips2, using native MIPspro 7.2.2 compiler set.
- hpux10.20, using native aCC 1.18 compiler.
- solaris 2.5.1, using native SC4.2 compiler.

Also, if someone is interested, I have Python 1.5.2 binary distributions available, too.
Hpux required special handling to allow the python c main() to call modules built as aCC
C++ sharelibs.

All PyQt libraries are shared libraries (obviously), and include siplib objects qtlib.o
siplib.o as well.


p.s. AIX 4.3 binaries will be available in some weeks to come.

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