[PyKDE] pykde HOWTO

Steve.Noble at dpws.nsw.gov.au Steve.Noble at dpws.nsw.gov.au
Thu Oct 28 05:43:26 BST 1999

hello all

Boudewijn Rempt tutorial is a great introduction provided you have the
pre-requisite knowledge

but as phil says to do anything well you need to understand the basics,
here they seem to be


>www.troll.no or /qt/html

>develop.kde.org ?

gui builders,  packaging, *nix stuff
the list is getting longer and longer and if I read it all I wouldn't get
to do any programming

* here's my point
python and qt *should* make it easy to write a program without learning 4
different strands
can a FAQ \ HOWTO be prepared explaining the essential and desirable areas
to study
and in what order, you could study the areas that you need to get up to
speed on,
without learning too  much c++ for example

this link could be displayed on the pykde homepage ?


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