[PyKDE] Python classbrowser

Albert Wagner alwagner at tcac.net
Thu Feb 10 08:14:35 GMT 2000

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Not only is the browser useful, but
especially the source.  If I figure out what's going on in this thing I
will be a Python programmer.

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> Dear people,
> I've just finished verions 1.0.0 of a Python classbrowser/pathbrowser,
> written in Python and PyKDE, based on the Idle classbrowser. It's
> available at from my local webserver:
> http://www.valdyas.org/python/kpybrowser.html
> It's reasonably finished: there's an icon, a kdelnk file, an install
> script and everything - and it's pretty useful, I find. I'd like to invite
> you all to look at it and poke it and shoot holes in it...
> I'm currently having a problem with an inheritance issue (if I subclass
> QListViewItem, add an instance of that subclass to a QListView and ask the
> QListView for the current item, I get a QListViewItem instead of the
> subclass), but as soon as that's resolved, I'll expand the browser to make
> it show docstrings and function arguments.
> Boudewijn Rempt
> ps. I'm currently posting from my providers shell account: I've bought
> a domain, set it up to point at my box and so on, but now
> pykde at mats.gmd.de thinks I'm sending nothing but spam ;-(.
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