[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: PyQwt-0.10.1

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 19:55:20 GMT 2000

m.s.colclough at bham.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear all,
> Qwt (Qt Widgets for Technical Applications) is a nice Qt library that
> provides knobs, sliders, thermometers, and most importantly a graph
> (x-y plot) widget with a lot of features.  PyQwt is my attempt at
> using sip to wrap this library with a Python interface, so we can use
> it from our favourite language.
> The preliminary release, 0.10.1 is available from
> http://www.cm.ph.bham.ac.uk/software/pyqt/
> both as a source tgz and rpms for RedHat Linux 6.0. It is the first
> version that made it through the compiler, whatever greek letter that
> corresponds to.  It has not been used for real yet, but the few demos
> that I wrote work OK.  If someone could look at the nonsense I have
> put in the sip files and let me know what should really be there, I'd
> be most grateful.
> Mark Colclough

Looks fine after a quick look through the .sip files.  Let me know if
you've got any specific questions.  I will get round to documenting SIP
soon - honest.


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