[PyKDE] Support for Qt v1.x and Qt v2.x

Johannes Sixt Johannes.Sixt at telecom.at
Sat Feb 26 14:48:34 GMT 2000

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, you wrote:
>I've asked this of a few people before the mailing list was created...
>The way things are structured at the moment it is going to be a pain to
>have PyQt for Qt v1.x and PyQt for v2.x installed at the same time.
>How important is this to people?
>Unfortunately Python doesn't have Tcl's ability to nicely handle
>different versions of an extension module.  One way would be for the
>Python module that supports Qt v2.x to be called "qt2" rather than
>"qt".  The disadvantage is that a script that is portable between
>versions would need to specify "import qt" or "import qt2" when it
>shouldn't need to make the distinction.
>Another way would be to have "qt1" and "qt2" and a symbolic link "qt"
>that pointed to the latest available version.  A script that was
>specific to a version would "import qt1" or "import qt2", portable
>scripts would "import qt".  The disadvantage is that existing scripts
>that aren't portable to Qt v2.x would break when Qt v2.x was installed.
>Ideas, suggestions, opinions?

I've KDE 1 and KDE 2 installed in such a way that I can run applications of
both versions at the same time, but the desktop is still KDE 1 and I use KDE 2
only when I test KDbg for Qt2/KDE2 :-)

Having PyKDE in both versions is not important for me, however. It would be ok
for me to have PyQt/PyKDE for Qt2/KDE2 while everything else on my desktop is
still Qt1/KDE1.

-- Hannes

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