[PyKDE] requested free win32 license from troll

Warren Postma wpostma at ztr.com
Tue Feb 29 15:15:30 GMT 2000

I sent a message to the folks at www.troll.no yesterday, requesting a single
free license of QT for Win32 for the purpose of creating a freely available
PyQT+a partial PyKDE for Windows as a binary-only distribution.

First, it would be good for them because it would let PyQT widgets be 100%
portable from Windows to Linux, and secondly, it would get more people on
Windows familiar with their product and perhaps more people would buy it. 

Much as I like PyQT+PyKDE on Linux, I also need to be able to write for
Windows, and I don't want to use two toolkits.  Problem is Tkinter is too
ugly. ;-) wxPython is probably a better idea, since at least it can be
open-source on both platforms, but I thought it would be nice if at least
for Python development the QT libraries could be used on Windows in binary

Anyone else in the same bind?


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