[PyKDE] qtArch

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 1 10:47:26 BST 2000

I've been playing with the qtArch xml files for a while, and while
it's certainly easier to parse them, working out a way to create
python scripts out of them is another thing altogether. The problem
is that these save files are representations of the internal 
structure of the dialog in qtArch, and are not in themselves 
easily converted to Qt code. 

The whole architecture of qtArch is a bit complex - for every
widget there's a class that knows how to create itself from
the save file, how to generate C++ code (hard-coded) and how
to present itself on the screen.

I'm starting to wonder whether it wouldn't be easier to create
a dialog builder in Python...

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