[PyKDE] SIP and PyQT on Windoze

Andy Anderson aande at adams.com
Sat Jun 3 20:12:13 BST 2000

PyQt is not directly supported on Windows. If you are familiar with Windows
development, and don't mind some fiddling you can probably get it working fine,

We use PyQt v0.9 on Unix and NT in our ADAMS/Insight product. With minor changes
v0.9 compiled on NT. It was a little harder to get PyQt, Qt, and Python linked,
but that was mostly because I didn't know anything about DLLs at the time.

We do not support Windows 95/98, so I haven't tried them. PyQt code is pretty
generic so I think it should work there too.

Phil included the necessary code changes in v0.10. Other issues may have crept in
since 0.10, but PyQt v0.12 will probably compile with little or no modification.
If you have problems with linking, I have some old notes that may help.

Someday soon, we'll be updating to PyQt0.12+ and Qt 2.x but we haven't tried them


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> Does PyQt run on Windows?  ...

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