[PyKDE] PYKDE Drag and drop

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Jun 18 00:03:28 BST 2000

Two questions/problems with DND:

(using PYKDE 0.11/Qt 1.44/KDE 1.2)

1. I'm creating a QDragObject in QListView.mouseMoveEvent. 
Trapping all events in qApp, I only see an Event_DragResponse
generated, but never any Event_DragMove or similar events
(in addition to mouse and widget move events of course).
Also, to get the pixmap to move with the cursor, I have
to  repeatedly do a QDragObject.setPixmap in the mouse
move event. When I release, the cursor isn't restored
and the pixmap remains where it's dropped. What am I
missing here?

2. (This may indicate my unfamiliarity with Python)
If I derive a widget, say from QListView, and want
to multiply inherit QDropSite, how do I do the
QDropSite init (it needs a pointer to the widget
to install the event filter)? I have:

class  KFoo (QListView, QDropSite):
     def __init__(self, parent):
          QListView.__init__(self, parent)

Do I add:

QDropSite.__init__(self, self)  ??

Also, it seems to make a difference if I do that
before or after the QListView call. Of course I
can't test this, because (see 1) I'm not getting
any events to test it with.



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