[PyKDE] Qt Designer

Henning Schroeder ich at henning-schroeder.de
Thu Jun 29 16:49:54 BST 2000

Thus spake Boudewijn Rempt (bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl):
> On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Henning Schroeder wrote:
> > FYI: Trolltech announced that they will release their own dialog
> > designer with full support for layout-management. Hopefully they will use a
> > better file-format than QtArchitect *grr* so that we can use it with PyQt.
> > Here is the announcement
> > http://www.trolltech.com/company/announce/designer-pre.html
> I have just reviewed a prerelease copy for O'Reilly Network - they'll
> probably publish it next week. But to give a hint: it's good. Really good.
> And not only is the fileformat sensible, the xml-to-C++ compiler (uic) is
> well-written and it should be an easy job to just hack uic into generating
> Python.
Very nice to hear. Actually I will see it tomorrow at LinuxTag in Stuttgart
(Europes largest Linux fair - if anyone doesn't know)...


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