[PyKDE] QtArchitect translator

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 15 01:29:16 GMT 2000

I just wanted to give a small progress report on this issue... It turns
out that the authors of qtArch don't have the time to work with me on 
a language-independent version, and I have neither skill nor time to
fork it in into a Python generator either. So I decided to write a 
simple conversion script for the xxxData.cpp files qtArch outputs,
having seen the horrendous parser qtArch needs to read its save files.

I've got a more-or-less working version, but it's really horrible, since
I've never written a parser before. And it broke, of course, when I tried
it out with a more recent .cpp file, which had a slightly different
layout. It's more an amplified editor macro than a conversion script, I

Does anyone know how to either adapt a yacc generated parser to Python,
or how to write a parser for a limited subset of C++ (comments,
includes, defines, class definition, object creation and property
setting, qtArch doesn't generate more than that)?

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