[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: PyQt/PyKDE v0.11pre1

Thomas Malik Thomas.Malik at t-online.de
Fri Mar 17 22:14:11 GMT 2000

RE: [PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: PyQt/PyKDE v0.11pre1I installed PyKDE 0.11pre1 today, and didn't find any bugs so far. It's great stuff.
However, when working with auconf/automake i always have some trouble related to our non-standard installation.
I'm working for a bank, where we have a development environment, which is completely separate from the production environment.
We work solely with Solaris 2.6 (will move to 2.8 one day). We have two separate installation paths, one for tools/programs used in production & one for development only (so the guys in the trading room don't have access to compilers, header files, whatsoever). The production environment is being mirrored in development, to be able to test the software, if it will run in the trading room also. Additionally, we need to link out software against several commercial C++ libraries, which are useable only with specifc g++ versions. This has some implications:
1. We need to have several g++ versions installed. For the moment, we have one seperate path for each, but it would be better to be able to tell libtool or configure explicitly, which compiler to use. Not so easy, so far.
2. We MUST hardcode all shared library paths into the binaries (--rpath option), otherwise we can be 100 percent sure, that the programs won't run in our production environment (accessing the wrong libraries, or just not being able to find them).The libstdc++ is a special candidate, because libtool seldom includes it's path in the linking command line. Using LD_LIBRARY_PATH is no real option, because it's just not maintainable from the administration viewpoint (not for 350 users using different software packages). Using LD_RUN_PATH mostly works, so far, but not always - don't ask me why. For the moment, i always had to edit the libtool script to make it work.
Any ideas, how to make it "unpack, configure & make install" ?


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