[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: PyQt/PyKDE v0.11pre2

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 20 23:06:53 GMT 2000

PyQt and PyKDE v0.11pre2 is in the usual place at

All the outstanding problems should be fixed.  PyQt supports Qt v2.0.2 -
at least the classes that deal with Unicode support.  Make sure you use
the right flags to configure to pick up the version of Qt you want (it
prefers Qt 2 to Qt 1).

The examples have been ported to Qt 2.  Note that, because of the way
enums are implemented, Python scripts probably need a little more work
to move to Qt 2 than C++ does - mainly because of the introduction of
the Qt namespace class.

v0.11pre3 will include the rest of the new Qt 2 classes that seem


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