[PyKDE] PyKDE news site and things like that

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 27 22:34:34 BST 2000

Dear people,
I'm settting up a news site for things about PyQt and PyKDE, mainly
because I noticed that the news flash section in my tutorial was getting
rather long. Is it OK if I quote from this mailing list?

Another thing: would it be a good idea to try and get the bindings and
sip into some distributions. We've missed both Red Hat and Suse 6.4,
but if we start lobbying now, by the time KDE 2 comes out and the
distro's are bringing out a new version, PyQt and PyKDE could be in,
and it would help enormously in getting the publishers to publish the
book I want to write on the stuff ;-). They, naturally want to know how
many copies they can expect to sell... I'm quite willing to do the
necessary mailing & pestering.

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