[PyKDE] Windows Printing Doesn't work with PyQt 2.2 Either

Coy Krill ckrill at qvlinc.com
Fri Nov 10 19:33:41 GMT 2000

Just thought I'd give Python 2.0 and PyQt 2.2 a go and see if printing was 
fixed from the 2.1 release. Unfortunately it's not.  I'm still getting the 
error:  PYTHONW caused an invalid page fault in module QT221.DLL at 
0187:39d192fb. Not an extremely useful error message from windows.  The error 
occurs as soon as you perform a drawing operation to a QPainter created from 
a QPrinter.  

I tried using Turbo Debugger to get a bit more useful information and it gave 
the error Access Violation read address ffffffff.  Sounds like a bad pointer 
somewhere, but I'm unable to determine where and of course the whole thing 
works perfectly on Linux, so go figure.

A couple of thoughts for Phil. Is the QT221.DLL you provide built by 
TrollTech or yourself?  If you're building it, have you changed compilers 
since putting out PyQt 2.0 which works with Python 1.6?  What's the 
likelihood that the problem is with Python 2.0 itself?  You wouldn't happen 
to have a PyQt 2.2 for Python 1.6 would you? I'd be willing to test it. I'm 
even tempted to rebuild Python 2.0 now that I have Borland C++ 5.5.


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