[PyKDE] CVS Notification Log

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 3 10:34:00 BST 2000

Notifications of updates to the SIP/PyQT/PyKDE CVS trees should now be
sent to this list.

The SIP updates so far are:

2000/10/02 21:46:56  phil
Fixed the bad code generated for Python special methods (ie. operators).
2000/10/01 12:32:19  phil
Slots that take fewer arguments than the number supplied by a signal
will not
cause an exception - just like Qt.
2000/10/01 00:44:57  phil
Fixed the signal handling bug introduced a couple of days ago while
trying to
fix another signal handling bug.

2000/09/29 22:28:26  phil
When a wrapped class instance is deleted it is now guaranteed that the
underlying object will be deleted after all of the instances variables. 
avoids some potentially very subtle bugs.
2000/09/23 18:07:05  phil
Connecting Python signals to Qt slots (expressed using SLOT()) now
Increased the library version number to 3.0.1.
2000/09/20 10:57:10  phil
Tidy up after moving the CVS tree to theKompany.com CVS repository.

The PyQt updates so far are:

Revision 1.10  2000/10/02 21:45:56  phil
Added the missing QCanvasPixmapArray ctor.
Added the len, [] and in operators to QStringList.
2000/10/01 12:37:31  phil
Backed out the changes to the examples as they are no longer needed now
SIP allows slots to be called with more arguments than expected.  This
that the breakage described in the previous ChangeLog entry has now been
2000/10/01 00:50:32  phil
Added the missing QMenuData.setItemParameter(),
QMenuData.itemParameter() and
QMenuData.insertItem() and QAccel.connectItem() now expect slots that
will take
an argument.  THIS WILL BREAK SCRIPTS - but is the correct behaviour
PyQt doesn't support the Qt feature of a slot consuming fewer arguments
than a
signal provides.
2000/09/28 23:09:51  phil
Added the missing /TransferThis/ in the QWorkspace ctor.
2000/09/28 16:31:19  phil
Added missing QWidget.isHidden(), QWidget.isMaximized() and
2000/09/28 10:27:39  phil
Added /Transfer/ to QApplication::postEvent().
2000/09/27 17:21:27  phil
Fixed the QDir ctor for Qt v2+.
2000/09/25 12:02:15  phil
Fixed QBoxLayout::findWidget() so that it compiles under Qt v2.0.x.
2000/09/20 11:03:00  phil
Added the README about building from the CVS.
Minor changes prior to moving the CVS tree to theKompany.com.

2000/09/19 08:25:47  phil
Added the automatic ChangeLog.
Added the missing keyReleaseEvent() from QButton.
Added the missing QValidator::State::Intermediate.
pyuic was generating bad code for QWizards. Also improved the standalone
support code.

There haven't been any updates to PyKDE.

CVSWeb is also running, see


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