[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: Eric (the debugger)

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 8 18:34:26 BST 2000

The PyQt CVS now includes the first version of a PyQt debugger called
eric (sorry, I've got no imagination). eric is written entirely in PyQt.
It's in its early stages but I think its ready for serious use - what's
missing is lots of short cuts to common tasks. I'd like lots of feedback
on what you think are the most urgent missing features.

In its current form eric has 3 types of window...

Explorer - this allows you to navigate Python files in the filesystem
and on sys.path. It will be extended to be a class browser.

Shell - this gives you interactive access to the Python interpreter that
the application you are debugging is running in. You can execute any
Python statement even while the application is blocked in the Qt event
loop. The most common thing you'll do from here is display and modify
Python variables.

Source - this displays a Python source file. The different Python tokens
(keywords, names, strings etc) are displayed in different colours. You
can set and clear breakpoints just by clicking on the appropriate source
line. You can have any number of these windows.

Toolbar buttons allow you to set command line arguments, single step,
continue execution etc.

There is no documentation, but the "What's This" help is all there.

There are some screendumps at:



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