[PyKDE] Incremental building using sip?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 28 21:26:12 BST 2000

Ted Drain wrote:
> Here's my situation:
> I have PyQt (2.1) built and everything is working fine.  I have my own C++
> Qt classes (my classes inherited from Qt widgets) that I want available
> from Python.
> Is there any way to run sip in an incremental fashion to just create the
> interface code for my classes w/o rebuilding all of PyQt?  When I try to do
> this, the fact that my class includes (needs) Qt classes causes sip to
> generate code for those classes as well.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

Look at the SIP files for PyKDE - they do exactly this. The key bit is
to %Import the Qt SIP files, don't %Include them.


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