Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 16:39:07 BST 2000

Michael Koch wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> me again, I have a little problem with sip-2.0 and friends. ;-)
> the problem is that I have installed qt-devel AND qt2-devel on standard
> Mandrake and RedHat systems. qt-devel installs the headers in /usr/include/qt.
> The headers of QT2.2 are installed in /usr/lib/qt2/include.
> These are standard RPMS from these distributions.

Standards - so many to choose from...

> My $QTDIR is set to /usr/lib/qt2.
> when doing configure in sip-2.0 it detects
> QT moc          /usr/lib/qt2/bin/moc    (correct)
> QT includes     /usr/include/qt         (wrong, this is QT 1.44 not QT 2.2)
>                                         (must be /usr/lib/qt2/include)
> QT libraries    /usr/lib/qt2/lib                (correct)
> the appended patch makes it correct and is IMO the right solution for this.

Applied - and the same needs to be done for mocdir.


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