[PyKDE] QPushButton behavior

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 14:11:22 BST 2000

Per Gummedal wrote:
> PT> Per Gummedal wrote:
> >>
> >> When using QPushButton in a C++ program, pressing the spacebar and hitting Enter
> >> does the same.(clicked signal).
> >> When using QPushButton in python, pressing the spacebar only makes the button pressed.
> >> (as a toggle button).
> PT> Do you have a short program in C++ and Python versions that demonstrates
> PT> the different behaviour?
> PT> Phil
> In the tutorial tut2 is a good example.
> Per

A missing line in qbutton.sip.

You can find a patch at

I'll try and get the CVS up this week.


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