[PyKDE] QListView

Per Gummedal p.g at figu.no
Tue Sep 19 15:02:11 BST 2000

FF> Hi,

FF> (Cut & Paste from the archive)

FF> Luis M. Gallardo D (Wed, 30 Aug 2000):

>> Hi. I've tried to use a QListView, but I had some problems. I'm
>> going to explain what I'm doing. I'm making a application that allow
>> me list a directory from my PC and from a HP calculator (using
>> Kermit protocol).  I'm going to show my Python Code:

FF> ..[snip]..

>> 1) I have tried to connect dobleClicked() signal with DirPC
>> (QListView), but I've able to do it. Qt Documentation specifies that
>> there is a dobleClicked() signal, but when I include this signal I
>> get a "No such signal QListView::doubleClicked()"  message.

FF> The same problem occurs here when use the clicked() signal with a
FF> QListView. Test script attached. Has anyone had the same problem
FF> or has anyone got this to work with clicked() ?

FF> thx,

FF>             Frido Ferdinand 

use SIGNAL("doubleClicked(QListViewItem *)")


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